Water Baptism is a significant step in any believer's walk with Christ. Not only is it a public confession of a heart changed by Christ, it's also a profound act of obedience and identification with Him. At New Life, we care deeply about your discipleship as a follower of Jesus. For this reason, we have a specific path to baptism that requires a few things:   


If you're interested in getting water baptized at New Life Church, the first step is to sign up! You will be contacted and notified about the next available baptism class. For more information about upcoming dates, contact Wendy.


Before being water baptized, we require each person to attend our baptism class. We hold a baptism class 1 month before each scheduled baptism date. At the class, you will learn what we believe about baptisms, answer any questions you may have, and explain what to expect as you move forward. You'll also receive your complimentary baptism t-shirt.


Part of the water baptism experience at New Life is what we call "My Story" Video. This is a 1-minute testimony video where you'll have the chance to share with the church about why this experience is significant for you. The video shoot/interview lasts about 30 minutes and is edited down for in-service viewing. You'll have a chance to schedule your video shoot during the baptism class.

Many people get nervous about being on camera. Well don't worry! Our video team does a great job making you feel comfortable and producing a quality testimony. This piece is a great encouragement to the church as it provides a snapshot of all that God has done in your life.


After you've 1) signed up, 2) attended the class, and 3) completed your "My Story" video shoot, you're ready for water baptism! You'll be baptized during one of our Sunday worship services. Feel free to invite family and friends to come celebrate with you; we'll reserve them the best seats in the house! (Note: Steps 1-3 are required BEFORE being scheduled for water baptism during a public worship service).  


Yes. We will baptize individuals as young as age 8.

For children age 8 & under, we provide baby/child dedication during our public services. This means the parents are choosing to dedicate their children to the Lord. Children and families will receive a public blessing/prayer and word of encouragement from our Lead Pastor.