• Week 1: Introduction
    • During the introduction, Pastor Jim rolls out what "Following Jesus Together" is all about.
  • Week 2: Meet
    • Pastor Sean discusses the Biblical mandate for believers to connect in community, care for one another, and call each other upward towards Christlikeness. 
  • Week 3: Ask
    • Pastor Jim shows us how cultivating the art of asking great questions is a key to discipleship. He discusses how asking "How are you doing?" is the beginning of discipling friendships. 
  • Week 4: Pray
    • In Week 4, Pastor Jim lays out the importance of prayer, and how praying "The Lord's Prayer" covers more of our needs than we realize. 
  • Week 5: Serve
    • In response to "ONE DAY," Pastor Drew shares the biblical mandate for believers to serve, and connects us to the heart of mission lived out in community.  
  • Week 6: Outro
    • After some closing encouragements, Pastor Jim and the gang demonstrate how "MAPS" plays out in the context of an actual Group.