The New Life Internship is a year-long program designed to help young leaders follow Jesus into a missional life that changes the world.

We understand that different individuals are in different places in life, so instead of building a one size fits all model, we’ve decided to develop a tiered process.

Each unique tier is a year-long commitment, serves young leaders in specific ways, and holds unique requirements to participate.

You must have graduated from high school to apply. 

Below is some more information about each tier.


The first tier is a group simply named the 1’s (Ones). In this tier, individuals should have a desire to follow Jesus but may not be fully aware of their gifts, unique life passions, or areas they can influence for the Kingdom. The hope for the 1’s is that after completing their year they would be able to have identified and are pursuing their God-given purpose. Below are the activities that the 1’s will be involved in.

//Ministry Rotations
Each Sunday, the 1’s will be given the opportunity to serve in ministry rotations throughout the church. Each month these interns will rotate to a different ministry in order to gain hands on experience. The seven different ministries that the 1’s will be involved in are:

ALIVE Student Ministries
Kids Trek
Prayer & Care
Connect & Discipleship

At the end of the seven months each Intern will decide on committing to a specific ministry to finish out his or her year.

//Northwest University
Accredited college classes from Northwest University are an optional opportunity for all Interns. Classes are online as well as one live class on Monday nights. For more information about cost, types of degrees, or other questions you may have please see below.

//Ministry Coaching
Every Tuesday night from 6:30-8:30pm Interns will meet for dinner, worship, prayer, and a training session. This space will provide deep community, intentional feedback from our pastoral staff, and opportunity to encourage each other as peers.

//Mission Trip
On April 15th-21st, the Interns will be heading down to the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California to help people struggling with homelessness on skid row. This is an eye opening experience that stretches each Intern to live a generous life.

//Catalyst One Day
Catalyst One Day is a day long conference on Nov. 9th with pastors Brian Houston and Craig Groeschel in Seattle, WA.  


The second tier of our Internship program is simply named, the 2’s (Twos). In this tier Interns are no longer on ministry rotations throughout the church but rather given a specific role with more responsibility. This role will be developed through communication with our pastoral staff. Best-case scenario, this role will fit your unique gifting, unique passions, and will be something that you’re excited to commit to. 

You must have completed the "1's" program, a comparable internship, or be able to show character/gifted readiness in order to apply for the "2's." 

 The opportunity for Northwest University accredited college classes is still an option for this tier, as well as the requirement that 2’s will attend the Tuesday night “Training Sessions” from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

The 2's will also be involved in the Mission Trip and Catalst One Day. 


The third tier offered at New Life is a Pastoral Practicum for those who have a desire to one day become a pastor or work in a technical role at a church. This tier is different than the internship and is by staff invitation only. 

This Practicum is not for everyone and is not the natural progression of each intern but rather for those that are serious about becoming a licensed minister. 

This Pastoral Practicum is full of mentorship, molding, and even offers opportunity to get your ministerial license. This program is on Thursday nights  and hopes to extend a variety of international study opportunities.

If you have questions or are interested in the interview process for this program please email:

INTERNS WEEKLY SCHEDULE                                                                  
8:00-8:30AM Breakfast
9:00AM-12PM Ministry Rotations/Roles
1:00PM-2:30PM Facility Cleaning (Every other week)
2:30PM-5:30PM Break
6:00PM-7:30PM Attend Service

6:30PM-8:30PM Optional Class

6:30PM-8:30PM Team Night Trainings                                       

Since the college schooling is optional, prices vary.  

Internship Program Fee
$85 per month 

This is paying for:
-50+ Training Sessions (Guest Speakers)
-50+ Dinners
-3 Worship Nights
-2 Overnight Retreats

Mission Trip Fee
$850-$1000 (Interns will be asked to raise money for this trip)

Northwest University
$7,152 Full Time/Yearly ($298 Per Credit)
$2,600 Church Partnership Program Fee (Yearly)
$9,752 Yearly Total (This is the two combined fees from above)


Sept 28th-30th Intern Overnight Kick-Off
Oct 3rd First Tuesday Team Night
Nov 9th Catalyst One Day
Jan Worship Night
Apr 15th-21st Mission Trip To The Dream Center
July Worship Night
Aug 3rd Intern Overnight Finale