Jim Romack
Lead Pastor

Tayla Marti

Connect and Discipleship Pastor

Stephen Marti

Music/Young Adults Pastor

Susan Boucard
Executive Pastor

Drew Barnhart

Local Outreach Pastor

Aimee Accetturo

Children's Pastor

Carolyn Foster
Associate Pastor

Jon Poyner

Middle School Pastor

Mary Ann Cates

Care Pastor

Sean Gasperetti
Community Life Pastor

Brice Herrick

High School Pastor


Alex Neff // Alive Programming Director, Ministry Support
Catherine Weholt // Local Outreach and Marriage Ministry Support
Charity Parenzin // Elementary Creative Arts Director
Charley Laas // Alive Worship and Outreach Director
Daniel Livengood // Service Programming and Video Director
Jennifer Knott // Connect Support
Josiah Harmon // Technical Director
Julie Holter // Accounting Manager
Sarah Smoldon // Preschool Director
Tessa Poyner // Communications Director
Keith Spencer // Graphic Design, Photography and Web Director
Kim Hill // Finance Assistant, HR
Kyleann Irwin // Elementary Groups Director, Ministry Support
Liz Lamb // Nursery & Kid's Life Director
Lou Brown // Chaplain
Rhonda Scandrett // Executive Pastor Ministry Support, Remembrance Pastor
Robyn Carey // Facilities Manager, Women's Support
Terry Holt // Receptionist