Invite night is coming up & Promotion is a huge part of inivting people. 

Here are some graphics that can be downloaded and posted eirther to Instagram stories or feed. This Invite Night we have a couple giveaways, these are awsome incentives for middle and high school student to come, so make sure you mention them when posting. A great time to start posting about Invite Night is a week before and the days leading up to Feb 21, making sure to blast SM the day of. Invite Night is a great oppoortunity to get students into church for the first time and what better way to inivte them than using the platforms students use, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & texting. Also direct students toward the ALIVE Instagram when posting! Thank you.

February 21st



$100 Chick Fil A

$50 Footlocker

$50 New Life Cafe


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