Betrayal & Beyond FAQ's


1. Is this group for divorced women or for those seeking to reconcile? 

This group is a healing group for you. The program does promote the restoration of marriages when possible, however, the tools you will get will be for your health. We have women in the program who are at all stages in their lives, and each have found this program helpful with their personal healing from the impact of betrayal.


2. Is this a Biblical study? 

YES! This is a Christ-centered study and each lesson is based on Biblical principles.


3. How long is the study? 

This study takes a year to complete.


4. Is there a cost? 

This study is a ministry of New Life. The required workbook and journal cost $45. Scholarships are available if this cost is prohibitive. 


5. When can I join? 

You can join after you have attended the monthly information/orientation meeting and have been placed in a group that best fits your needs and schedule. You may choose to join a group already in progress or be placed on a waiting list until a new group starts. There are some limitations on joining existing groups depending on how far along they are in the material, and their current size. There is a maximum of 6, and a minimum of 4 women per group to assure adequate sharing time.


6. What does this study cover?

The program has 3 workbook sections, each with 12 lessons. Each section has a different focus and builds on the next.

  • Section 1 focuses is on understanding the nature of addiction, how to re-build trust, understanding how this impacts you, and beginning to understand your family of origin.
  • Section 2 focuses on the impact of trauma on your life, codependency, and learning to make and keep healthy boundaries.
  • Section 3 focuses on learning to grieve (the stages of grief), having healthy anger, and understanding forgiveness.


7. Is there a DVD to watch? What is the format of the group?  

No, This is a process-oriented group that is built on community. You will be discussing the homework together and encouraging one another in the process. This is not group therapy, nor is it a replacement for professional therapy. It is led by other women in like circumstances that have already been through the program at least once. it is over seen by the church, however all participants are encouraged to be in their own therapy with a professional, preferably a Licensed and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.


8. Is there childcare? 

Childcare is available at certain times, subject to the church and group leader’s availability. Please indicate on the application if childcare will be needed.


9. Is this group for women whose husbands have had affairs or just pornography addiction?

This group is for any women who has had past or present sexual betrayal in their relationship. The group does discuss addiction, however the principles apply to sexual betrayal of any kind: past and/or present.


10. Is there a men’s group?

Yes, Pure Desire has a program for men seeking support in sexual purity. Men may contact for more information.


11. When and where do the groups meet?

Groups meet both on New Life’s campus in un-publicized rooms. You will learn of these times, locations, and availability at the monthly Information/Orientation meeting. Please contact B& for the date and time of the next Information meeting.  


12. How long will I be on a wait list?

Wait times can vary after you participate in the Information/Orientation meeting. Occasionally groups are full and you may need to wait several weeks. We will keep your name on a list and contact you as openings arise.


What if I need help now?

We hurt when you hurt. We would love to pray with you and offer support as you wait to get through Orientation and into a group. Contact us and let us know if you would like to meet with a pastor. We’ll gladly set something up for you. B& You may also check out the resources listed separately.