We're excited you're ready to sign up your Group!

You're well on your way to helping build community at New Life Church.

Here are a few key values to consider as you get ready:

  • Groups at New Life should be free of cost. Do not put a price tag on your Group. If you are going through a book, encourage people to pick up a copy on Amazon.com. If cost is an issue for someone, consider covering the cost for them, or talk to your Groups Pastor about support. 

  • Keep your Group open to anyone. The only factors to limit attendance should be: 
    1) If it's demographic/life stage specific (i.e. young adults, men only). Don't create additional barriers to community. 
    2) If childcare is not provided. A family may decide whether or not to participate if childcare is a need they have. 
  • Keep the DNA in mind. Make Friends, Make a Difference. Use "MAPS" (Meet, Ask, Pray, Serve) as a baseline template to whatever your Group chooses to do. 

Please fill out the following information to get your Group set up online. Our Community Life team will give you access to your Group's login info when it's ready!