Happy Monday Everybody!

Here is some important info on three upcoming events...

#1 The Bridge
#2 Catalyst One Day
#3 Friendsgiving



For the next three Tuesday Team Nights we're going to be attending the Bridge together. This is part of our Discipleship Path at New Life and I think will be a beneficial for all of us. I've been multiple times and every time I go I take away something new. Please arrive at 6:30pm sharp and meet in the chapel. The seating assignments are as follows: 

Table 13
Brice and Mikayla Herrick
Ben Jespersen
Kate Richardson
Ashlee Koster
Cris Betancourt
Austin Doffner
Lydia Mccollum
Michael Dorgan
Stirling Eastman

Table 14
Susan Boucard
Anne Hill
Tom Perillat
McKenzie Horton
PJ Ross
Jessi Sagerser
Becky Samii
David Drinkard
Jhesika Wells
Christian Klumper

Table 15
Meghan Newby
Mary Ann Cates
Bryce Livengood
Natalie Brawner
Jon Stephens
Emily Malme
Abby Iblings
Sailor Delich
Donnoven Nguyen
Julia Sciarrotta



Catalyst One Day is this Thursday from 7am-6:30pm. Please arrive at New Life church at 7am sharp to carpool in the vans together. You will need to bring money for lunch and I highly recommend bringing something to take notes with. 



Also wanted to remind you that Friendsgiving is coming up on Nov 20th and would love to see you there. You have to RSVP and pay the $5 cover fee to attend. Sign up HERE.

Lastly here is a podcast from John Mark Comer about the Sabbath. It's a little heady and slow but really insightful! I highly, highly reccomend it.