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All of this should fit into your carry on! You are allowed ONE carry on, and another personal bag (backpack, purse, etc.) to take on the flight. New Life will not be responsible in paying for any checked bags. The weather will be between 60-70 degrees so pack clothes accordingly. Please be sure that your clothes are modest. Ladies: If you are packing shorts, they must be finger-tip length or you will be asked to change. Most athletic shorts are allowed/appropriate. No spaghetti strap tanks. 


-I.D. — Liscense or passport 


-Journal + pen


-Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash — must be travel size)

-Toothbrush + toothpaste (travel size)

-Closed-toe shoes

-Flip flops (beaches and showers)

-Clothes you don’t mind working in / getting dirty (we will be volunteering 4-5 days)

-Clothes for when you’re not serving (at the beach, out as a team, church, sightseeing, etc.)


-Jacket/sweatshirt (beaches will get cold at night)

-Sunscreen (Travel size. You may also consider buying a bottle to share once we are in CA)

-Swimsuit (modest) 

-Phone charger

-Money (about $50-$100 for when we go out... food, souvenirs, etc.)

-Beach towel (if you plan on swimming at the ocean, or having something to sit on at the beach)





-Hand Sanitizer (travel size)


-Medications (personal meds, and/or Tylenol, etc.)

-Water bottle 


-Towel, pillow, blanket (however, these items WILL be provided by the Dream Center)