A 10 Week Experience To Help You Connect With…
God + The Church + Your Purpose

ROOTED is a 10-week group experience that will deepen your connection with God, the church, and help you find your unique purpose in God's story. No matter where you are on your journey, come expecting to walk with others on a path that leads to community, authenticity, living on mission, and having fun together.

Fall Rooted Session

September 17- November 19, 2019
Online registration will begin in late August.

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How do I register and what does it cost? 
Each participant will need to register online at our website. The cost is $20 per participant, which includes the Rooted study guide, supporting materials, snacks for weeks 1 and 8, and an incredible Rooted celebration dinner event. New Life Church is underwriting other expenses of the Rooted experience including facility costs and some childcare expenses.

How often will Rooted be offered?
The Rooted experience will be offered at New Life Church 3 times a year: Winter (Jan-March), Spring (April-June), and Fall (Sept-Nov).

Will childcare be provided? 
Yes, KidsCare will be available for ages 3 months through 5th grade. The cost is only $10 per family for all 10 weeks of group sessions, plus the ending celebration event.

Where will Rooted groups meet? 
Groups will meet at New Life Church.

When do I get my study guide? 
All participants will receive their study guide at the first Rooted session.

Can I share a guide with someone?  Rooted is a very personal and powerful journey and having your own study guide will be essential. A big part of this experience is individual reflection.

Will there be homework?
There are short daily readings and reflection questions. You will spend about 15-20 minutes each day writing, reflecting and listening.

Can I be in a group with a friend or someone I have invited to be in Rooted? 
Yes, we will do our best to honor your request. There is a place on the registration form to give this information.

What is the attendance requirement? 
It is important that you can commit to attending at least eight of the ten Rooted sessions with your group.

What if I miss more than two of the group sessions? 
Missing more than two sessions will greatly affect your Rooted experience as well as the others in your group. If you miss more than two, you will be asked to re-register for a future session.

How many people will be in a group? 
There will be 10-14 in a group.

Who will be facilitating the Rooted groups?
Rooted groups are led by people who have already completed the experience.

How do I get a Rooted sweatshirt?
Rooted sweatshirts (and t-shirts) will be available (for purchase) for Rooted participants once the session begins.

Will Rooted be available for high school students?
Rooted groups will be available to high school students in the Fall.