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Dinner Parties: Belonging + Building Up
If you love...
-Helping People Feel Welcome


Rooted: Discipleship
If you love...
-Talking About Scripture
-Asking People Important Questions
-Praying For & Pastoring People


Talks: Teaching + Coaching
If you love...
-Helping Teach People How To Improve Their Life
-Setting Others Up With Informative Resources

-Challenging The Present For A Better Future


Worship Nights: Power & Presence of God
If you love...
-Seeking God Through Music + Prayer
-Seeing The Spirit Move Through Signs
-Playing An Instrument Or Singing For God


Couples Connect: Healthy Relationships
If you love... 
-Helping People Grow In Emotional Health
-Helping Families Flourish
-Double Dates


Sunday Serve: Practically Serving Needs
If you love...
-Service Projects
-Connecting With Organizations In The Community

-Organizing Project Details

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