Following Jesus Together.

A simple statement that defines our greatest passion. 


Following in the Bible looks like discipleship. For us, this means we are disciples of Jesus, learning from His example and committing ourselves to His message. 

Following Jesus means that He's commissioned us to carry His message of hope and healing to the world. For us, this means we will go to extreme measures to leverage our lives for the sake of others.

Following Jesus Together infers that we can't do this alone: we need community. For us, this means we realize our faith is best lived out in the context of relationship with God and others. 


To live out our values, we have 3 specific ministry vehicles that help us get the job done. These ministries exist to equip and empower any and every disciple to make some great friends and make a difference with their lives. 

We grow as disciples IN the Discipleship Path.

We get on mission through 20/20 Outreach. 

We gather in community in Groups.

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