Jim Romack
Lead Pastor

Tayla Marti
Connect and
Discipleship Pastor

Mary Ann Cates
Care Pastor


Susan Boucard
Executive Pastor


Tessa Poyner
Vision and Values Pastor

Stephen Marti
Music/Young Adults Pastor

Carolyn Foster
Associate Pastor

Jon Poyner
Middle School Pastor

med_PC200906 copy.jpg

Patty Thometz
Children's Pastor

Jon McIntosh
Associate Pastor

Brice Herrick
High School Pastor


Catherine Weholt // Global, Groups and Marriage Ministry Support
Charley Laas // Alive Worship and Outreach Director
Connie Geiszler // Connect & Discipleship Ministry Support
John Geiszler // Kids Trek Outreach Director
Julie Holter // Accounting Manager
Meghan Newby // Preschool Director
Tessa Poyner // Communications Director
Keith Spencer // Graphic Design, Photography and Web Director
Kim Hill // Finance Assistant, HR
Kyleann Irwin // Elementary Groups Director, Ministry Support
Liz Lamb // Nursery & Kid's Life Director
Lou Brown // Chaplain
Rhonda Scandrett // Executive Pastor Ministry Support, Remembrance Pastor
Robyn Carey // Facilities Manager, Women's Support
Terry Holt // Receptionist
Wendy McIntosh // Community Care Director