Premarital Mentoring Questionnaire

Please take the time in a quiet place to fill out this informational questionnaire. DO NOT share answers with each other.

The purpose of this profile is to communicate thoughts and feelings about yourself and your future spouse. This will help your premarital mentor(s) to better understand and serve you.
Be assured that all information will be held in confidence, therefore, we ask for your open and honest responses. Premarital staff, you, and your partner are the only individuals that will review this information.
We are committed to helping you build a God-honoring relationship as a couple by discussing biblical as well as secular marriage principles in a setting designed to be relaxed, informative and challenging.

Name *
Date *
Wedding Date
Wedding Date
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General Information
Family Background
Has divorce occurred in your family?
Was/is your parent’s marriage a happy one?
Was/is your parent’s marriage a spiritually strong one?
Has there been alcohol, drug, physical or sexual abuse in your family background?
Family Goals
Would each of you be willing to permit the other one night per week for his/her own interests?
Do the two of you have mutual friends?
Do you dislike any of your fiancé’s family or friends?
Conflict Resolution
Have you received Christ as your Savior?
Are your parents Christians?
Are you certain that your fiancé is a Christian?
Do you plan, as a couple, to be involved in a local church?
Intimate Relationship
Have you and your potential mate agreed on the income necessary to operate your household?
Do you and your potential mate have the same attitude toward charitable giving?
Should you or your mate be allowed to have money for personal expenses?
Have you planned any kind of budget?
Insurance Program?